Ways to Keep Your Scottsdale Home Safe From Intruders

Protecting your family and real estate investment is easier and more effective with the newest home security literally at our fingertips. Using old-school security techniques while introducing new technology adds extra layers of protection that can reduce the chances of becoming a burglary or home invasion target.

Home Security Technology is Vastly Improved

The capabilities of technology in home security have come a long way. Doorbell cameras like the Ring are popular for a reason. Both interior and exterior camera systems can be installed to monitor and deter criminal activity. Smart homes today have the capabilities to remotely lock doors, turn on lights and music, and move things within the home, all from a phone, which all add a layer of protection.

But Still Check Your Physical Surroundings

It sounds like common sense, but the importance of locking all exterior doors is often overlooked. A strong, secure lock on each door may be enough to prevent a criminal from continuing to access the home. If the same person “sweeps” the house each evening, checking for unlocked doors or windows, it may prevent something from being overlooked. In addition to locks, products are available that can be secured under the door for extra safety. Larger dog doors should also be secured with a barrier to prevent access.

Don’t Forget Windows and Doors

When homes are built, standard installation products are used, like short screws holding door hinges. Replacing those with longer, stronger ones might prevent a door from being kicked in during a home invasion. An attractive metal door and frame can also make this point of entry less vulnerable. Floor and window locks should also be installed and checked often. Most criminals don’t want to break the glass since it’s noisy so they will most likely use the least resistant path.

Lights Can Add Security and Comfort

Installing motion sensor security lights is an easy way to deter intruders. Strategically placed lights can cover all sides of the home and can even be combined with a camera system. If someone is up to no good, they do not want to be spotted. Putting a spotlight on their presence in the area will usually be enough to move on to an easier target.

Keep It Quiet – Don’t Let Them Know You’re Gone

One important rule of keeping a home secure is don’t advertise an absence. While on vacation, be sure to have someone check in on the home and possibly invest in an automated light on a timer to give the illusion that someone is home. A similar system can open and close curtains at scheduled times which may also be helpful. Another tip to keep in mind is that when vacation plans are posted online or loudly in public, a criminal may see that as an invitation. Waiting until the trip is over to post pictures and stories is smarter.

How to Hide – and Find – That Spare Key

Keeping a spare key hidden under the mat may seem like a good idea in case of a lockout, but this traditional hiding spot is no longer a good idea. If you feel strongly about having access to a key, consider putting it in a padlocked key holder like many real estate agents use. It can be secured to a sturdy fence and only you will know the code to the lock

Another trick savvy homeowners use is to glue a non-fitting house key under the mat within view of the porch camera. When burglars figure out the ruse, they’ll know they’ve been had on camera and leave.

Detering is Better than  Fiixing or Replacing

The success of deterrents regarding security is often overlooked. Security system company stickers or signs in the yard will sometimes be enough to keep a vandal moving. Another option is to make points of entry difficult or unfriendly. Arizona is home to many plants that are armed with stickers and pokers. This type of landscaping can make a beautiful addition to a landscaped yard and also doubles as a deterrent. If you are looking for a more furry, cuddly home protector, never underestimate the power of a bark. Homes with dogs can feel a little more secure knowing that hearing a dog present is sometimes enough to deter home invaders.

Scottsdale homeowners looking to improve the security of their investment have many options, from low tech to cutting-edge smart technology. Adding different layers of protection can both deter and prevent home invasions from being carried out. The safety and security of families and properties will always be a concern but using some of these options should provide some peace of mind.

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